Free medical services

Free provision of services to patients who meet the criteria, with special needs and disability. Services are provided in Kaunas county.

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Paid medical services

We provide medical nursing services at the patient’s home:
blood tests, intravenous infusion (drip), wound care, etc.

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Why nursing? Why at home?

Obtaining immediate medical attention can be a long and exhausting process. Waiting in queues for consultation with a specialist often promotes self-medication, which causes complications and prolongs the recovery period. To prevent this, we provide home medical services. We help to adapt and recover after returning from the hospital. Nothing heals you better than home!

One of the most important things to seniors is the ability to remain in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible. Although everyone loves their ageing family, relatives are not always able to take care of them. In view of the great need for these professional care services, the idea of “Slauga ir priežiūra ” came into being. If we can help you – we will!

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